So Today…

…I heard from someone who has never been unemployed in his life and who is a successful businessman that as a “hiring employer” he doesn’t want to hear from a candidate that they are accepting “government assistance” if they are currently unemployed.  He won’t hire someone who says they are on unemployment. 

He stated that he’d rather they lie and say that while they are currently unemployed due to no fault of their own, they are living on their savings and retirement money.  Excuse me?  They’ve paid into a system that is there specifically for their use should they ever need it.  Why should they go through their savings and retirement FIRST, thus creating a situation of possible total impoverishment when the time comes for them to retire? 

I’m still awaiting his reply to my query as to why he won’t do that.  Film at 11:00 or whenever he replies.  IF he replies.  Snort.