Hoo Boy! Yay oh Yay!

So I received this in my email just now – spam from an Astrology site:

The Scorpio Sun has played a formidable role in your world these last few weeks, but now the Sun is about to move into brighter, more exuberant Sagittarius. After that, adventure will flourish, and you’ll be ready to take the world by storm!

 The Scorpio Sun.  That would be a controlling, over-sexed, dominating, power-driven and narcissistic Sun.  I wonder if “these last few weeks” could mean “these last 20 weeks.”  Missy Zala?

In case you want to know what the Scorpio Sun does, here’s a picture to give you an idea.  Imagine your bare feet in there:

Put Your Feet In Here

First though, on November 20, the Sun in Scorpio will have to square off against Neptune. This could be a serious energy drain, and committing to anything may prove difficult. You won’t get anywhere trying to fight this, so just go with the flow the best you can.

 Okay, I won’t do a thing tomorrow.  Nothing.  I’ll just sit and watch brain-dead TV. Oh wait, I can’t. Energy drain or not, I have packing to do, and on a major scale.  So much for energy drains.

Maybe if I sit here looking morose, she won't do this horrible thing to me!

Then, on November 22, the Sun swoops into Sagittarius for a month of adventure and big dreams. You’ll be inspired to reach for ever-higher goals. Sure, some of the ideas that pop into your mind may not be the most practical, but with the vision and courage of the Sagittarius Sun backing you up, you’d be crazy not to try something big and daring!

 Adventure?  I get to have ADVENTURE?  Oh no. Not AGAIN.  Not MORE adventure. Hasn’t a year full of unemployment, turning 50, a bipolar landlady, narcissistic “relationship” and total career change been enough adventure?  My head is spinning like Linda Blair’s and now I have to gear up for the Energizer Bunny???  Heellllpppp meeeeee.

What More Adventure Will Do To Me

With a tip of its hat to the Sun, Uranus will join in on the fun on the 23rd. Ruts are to be eschewed and escaped, while all things new, original and experimental should be embraced — within reason, of course. Mars and Pluto will also make an appearance this day, giving you insight into tricky problems and the determination to solve them. Keep your eyes open, and new doors and opportunities could appear out of nowhere!”

Okay, this sounds good.  Maybe I’ll just hide beneath the bed until the 23rd. This bodes well for Thanksgiving.  Oh lord, no.  This means Mom could ask ME to cook Thanksgiving Dinner.  that would be new, original and experimental.  I wonder if anyone but me will embrace it. But wait!  Mars and Pluto will be in there, stirring the pot, so I’ll figure out a way to keep the turkey on the platter – last time I cooked it, it landed on the floor –  and the cranberry sauce might not have to come out of a can, after all.

Couldn't You At Least Drape a Loin Cloth Over Me????

As to new doors?  If I get to the parental unit’s house on Thursday and find Dad’s installed a new door I will photograph it and post.  I’m not usually such a literalist with these things, but hey- one never knows with Dad.  If he does do it, you can bet duct tape will be involved.

My Dad, Annual Winner of the Duct Tape King Award