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Love Like Water

Love is like flowing water. It tumbles, gurgles, and smooths the roughness from life.

I initially started this blog as a vehicle for healing myself from a recent interaction with a narcissist. Since narcissists don’t have relationships, I was not in a relationship, even though I believed I was.

My journey toward healing has taken me down many roads and to many blogs where I have read some truly uplifting posts, sound advice and received emotional encouragement. I have linked to many of those blogs, and still have more that I need to add to my blogroll.

This blog is not meant to be a paean to my pain and/or healing. It started as a vehicle for my own healing but during my journey I have encountered, through the writings of others, many ideas and thoughts that have given me pause; things that have caused me to step back and think about myself, my own behaviors and the consequences to others of my choices and actions.

As a result, I have begun writing about my thoughts with regard to the lessons I have learned from the writings of others. I have learned more than I thought I knew about love, compassion, kindness and selflessness. I have interacted with some truly spiritual people (thank you Allison!) and learned much from their writings.

My initial goal with this blog has shifted. It is not about me. It is about helping those who I can help. If anything I write here helps even one other person, then my efforts are not in vain.

I have constructed this blog to be a safe place for anyone to vent, to present their own thoughts, comment, and agree or disagree with my own writings.

All spam is removed daily. I have a spam blocker in place, so you will not have to worry about clicking on any of the links I list here. I check all pingbacks for relevancy and legitimacy. Those I feel are suspect are deleted.

Love and blessings to all who come here!

Miss Crankypance
(who is not cranky, but was nicknamed Armageddon Crankypance by a friend, who said it with love and a smile.)

10 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hello! I love your blog. Thanks for adding your dating horror story on my blog at “The Wrong Fish.” I’ve posted it as a new entry and since yours is the only story posted, it seems like you might be the winner. By the way, sorry that you had to experience that. I hope you’ve had better luck since. Also, I’d like to exchange blog links with you if you’re interested.

  2. Sure, let’s exchange links. I’ll add you to my blogroll! I thought I had, but maybe not! I can’t believe no one posted a dating horror story besides me! Want to hold off and I can post a link to your blog and see if we can drive more traffic there to get more stories?

  3. Hey Autumn, how’s the dating horror story contest going? I need to get out and check your blog. I haven’t checked my Crankypance email in ages – it was set up specifically for this blog and I don’t keep it open very often. I’ve been slam-dunk busy lately and have neglected my blogging friends and mentors, so please accept my apologies for the neglect. Once I’m moved (Dec 3) I will have more time to keep up with everyone else!

    Miss C. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Miss Crankpance! I’ve been so busy as well that I’ve started to neglect my personal life, so that means I’ve been dateless for a couple of months! I have not been blogging either. The bad news is that no one else posted a dating horror story, but the great news is that you’re officially the winner!!! Please go to my blog (contest entry) and select the book that you’d like as your prize.

      Hope you’re well! πŸ™‚

  4. YAY! I love winning things! πŸ™‚ Hey ladybug, I haven’t had a date since early July, and frankly, I’m loving it. I may just keep it this way. I take myself out on dates, and it’s great fun. I can go wherever I want, I don’t have to slow down or race to keep pace with someone else, I don’t have to worry about hurting anyone else’s feelings, I don’t have to pretend I’m having fun when I’m not, I can leave when I want and no one gets pissed off, and I don’t have to worry about some idiot man saying “why are you wearing THAT?” after his 3rd beer.

    There are so many advantages to being single. If I want unconditional love, my kitties give it to me. If I want the trash taken out, I do it. for the first time in umpteen years, I’m living according to my rules, and not being a people pleaser. The last boyfriend I had hated my favorite sweatshirt. He wanted me to look “feminine” all the time. Hah. As I write this, my hair is pulled up in a scrunchie, my roots are showing, I’m wearing my favorite sweat shirt, (the one he hated) raggedy jeans, no makeup, and…OMG….I left my coffee mug on the table next to me!!!

    On the other hand, I talk to myself a lot and when I want to have sex, I just don’t think about it. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Hey Autumn,

    Can I give my prize as a gift to someone who visits your site and actually WANTS to date? I don’t see a list of books other than the ones at amazon on the sidebar, and since I’m not dating, it doesn’t make sense to send me a book on dating. πŸ™‚ I’d rather someone have it who might get some use out of it.

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