A Departure from NPD – Happy Stuff!

I decided a change from angst was needed, so I’m posting some photos I’ve taken over the years.  Some have been heavily edited in Photoshop to create “art” and others have been left as-is, because they were perfect to my eye when taken.  I hope you like them.  (I’m not sure why there’s so much space after the fire hydrant, but I can’t figure out how to take it out, so it stays. )

This is a garden gate, taken on a walk along a creek.


Fire Hydrant in my old neighborhood in Baltimore


Bales of Hay in Chadd’s Ford, PA


Fence Perspective, Chadd’s Ford, PA


Sunrise at Buckroe Beach, VA


Keyhole in the door to the basement in my old apartment in Baltimore


My old buddy, Jake, the best dog ever.  He went over the doggy rainbow in 2010. Jake was so beloved by all that he would even be invited to dinner parties.  He was sweet, loving, loyal, polite and protective.  I adored him. RIP, Jakey!


Rollercoaster at Wildwood, NJ.  I thought the colors were amazing!


Happy accident with my camera!


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