Well, I HAD Written a post…

And WordPress ate it.

I was telling y’all what a great two days I’ve had, how my wonderful sister-friend Miss Zala sent me a box full of amazing beads and jewelry making supplies that I received yesterday, including some of the most amazing Onyx I’ve ever seen.  Boy would I like to get into HER bead stash.

I was saying I’ve dropped 26 lbs via the “divorce” diet.   I don’t recommend it, since the weight loss is too fast and the product of too much trauma and stress over the past 3 weeks.

If anyone wants to see what I do in my “spare time, you should go here:  ArgentSol .

I don’t always write about nasty old narcissists.  Sometimes I write about creating lovely things that have no purpose other than to make someone’s eyes light up and bring a smile to their faces.  And I love doing it.  The blog is a mish-mash and contains a rather haphazard collection of things I’ve made, things I’ve tried to make, tutorials, musings, and photographs.

Miss Zala needs to send me more photos to edit, too.  (hint hint).

I am going to spend much of the weekend trying to get a suncatcher made from an aquamarine crystal I dug up at Lucky Lake Mine in VA a few years ago.  My late niece coveted that rock – she collected rocks and I would always bring her something when I visited – and so I want to create a sterling silver “cage” for it that allows light to refract through the many fractures and cleavages in the stone, and then incorporate some Swarovski Crystal into it so that when the light refacts through those and casts rainbows on the wall, my sister will see her daughter in them.

Tonight, I’m going to eat, sit down, finish some viking weave chain I started and watch whatever the heck I want to on Netflix because there is no narcissist in my home holding fast to the remote control.

I am happy today!  I hope all of you are, too!

Group hug all around!

2 thoughts on “Well, I HAD Written a post…

  1. Ms Zala is very happy that you’ve had two happy days 🙂 I love to see you creating again, and sounding so free (you’ve got control of your OWN remote!! ;D ) And I hope that GFNCB is enjoying his just desserts for cheating on his wife, discarding his vows to God, bullying and judging those less fortunate than himself, and generally being a soulless a$$hole :-\
    btw, I have those pearl & sterling earrings you liked at Nile & will send them with the next box 🙂

    • It’s a marvy day today, too, so far. I’m packing your box up – trying to cram as much in as I can! Now, if I can only get my driver’s side window all the way up, I won’t have to tape plastic over it to keep the rain out! LOL. Send more photos – I’m editing off and on today. I stopped in at the local thrift and found an awesome large wood silver tea set box (empty, of course) with drawers, cubbies, and a place for tools – for a DOLLAR! It closes and latches on either side and when in use, can stand so I can get to things. It’s lined with non-tarnish fabric, so guess where all my metals are going!

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