Narcissistic Traits – Just in Case You (I) Forget…

This is from zamoracatalina .  I copied and pasted it here.  She’s dead on and I was blind, blind, blind.  From the git-go.  It can still happen, even when you’ve done your research.  You’re lonely, or have been alone for awhile, a charming person steps up to bat, and BOOM, you’re knocked out of the park by the Narcissistic bat – which, I might add, does NOT feel very good at all!


• Exaggerates personal achievements
• Very charismatic or charming at first, but can quickly switch from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde without apparent cause
• Is unable to demonstrate or understand empathy or compassion lacks conscience
• Does not seem to feel real happiness or positive emotions
• Quick to anger/rage or feel insulted or slighted inflicts “silent treatment”
• Denies he/she has issues to work on – sees himself/herself as nearly perfect nothing is ever his/her fault
• Frequently humiliates or abuses others, although he/she doesn’t see it as abuse. Considers most others in the world “idiots”
• Sulks when he/she doesn’t get his/her way
• Exaggerates the truth or blatantly lies
• Does not take criticism well and becomes defensive easily. Is easily hurt and insulted
• Shows no feelings of remorse or guilt for his/her mistakes or the hurts he/she dishes out
• Blames others for all his/her problems or bad luck
• His/her attitude is generally haughty or arrogant
• Hates to stand in line – he/she shouldn’t have to, as his/her time is more valuable than others. Driving is difficult especially in traffic.
• Unable to deal with his responsibilities, this is called a runner. Will run rather than face consequences.
• May ignore you or be indifferent to you for no reason
• Leaves others feeling as though they need to “walk on eggshells” around him


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