This Guy Makes a Great Analogy

Read this post Company Hiring Practices.  This guy is right on the money.  Fascism here we are (I’d say “here we come” but we’re here already).  How long before they herd all us undesirables into “work camps?”  

That’s not sarcasm or a joke.  It could very well be a reality where all of us who are unemployed are forced to take jobs which we are physically unable to do (manual labor for elders, etc), particularly if some of these “job creation” programs get off the ground.  How long before we’re told we must give up our lives as we know them, move to some location dictated by the government and work 12-14 hour days for minimum wage (or less?) simply so our government can smile, buff its buttons and say “see?  we’ve created jobs for so many!” 

Meanwhile corporations will continue running amok, and know what?  It may not be in my life time, but what is going to happen is that corporations will continue with their “streamlining” to the point where they no longer have a population who can afford to purchase their products.  They will go down. The day is coming when Mr. CEO with his conspicuous consumption will be in a labor pool right along with the rest of us.

Revolution is in the air.  I suggest our government regulate corporate America NOW.  It’s the only way to avoid having “we the rabble” rising with our pitchforks and and marching on Washington. Most of us would do it peacefully but in every crowd there is a “rabble rouser” and the idiocracy that is our government still refuses to take the blinders off.  Well, blindsiding is one way to get someone’s attention, huh? 


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