People are so afraid of Socialism because…

…of the Marxist tradition of socialism following capitalism into communism.  I dunno – is Sweden a communist country?  Not last time I looked.






a theory or system of social organization  that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.
Right now, I think I’m probably a pretty big proponent of socialism, practiced for the good of all.   It’s been successfully practiced for millenia.  The ancients practiced it.  Cro-magnon man HAD to practice it to stay alive.
The image of America, land of plenty, is long gone, yet it’s still perpetrated by our gonzo government.  Funny, I don’t hear of a helluva lot of Swedes seeking asylum in our “land of plenty.”  Hmmm – can’t remember the last time I met a Swedish illegal.
I know someone who has a family member who moved to Sweden years ago.  She’s married and has a child there.  She wouldn’t come back here on a dare.  Not for a dumptruck full of American dollars.  Why?  Because Sweden takes very good care of its citizens.  They CARE.
That’s what’s lacking in America.  CARE.  America is about greed.  It’s about making sure no one has something bigger, better, stronger, faster, or more expensive than you have.   As I write this, I’m wearing a hairband that is 12 years old, a tee shirt bought at goodwill 6 years ago, a brown cashmere sweater given to me by a family member who had it for 40 years prior to giving it to me, jeans given to me by a friend who outgrew them.  My laptop sits on desk purchased secondhand, my lamp was purchased at a thrift store in NH 8 years ago.   I don’t care about things.  I care about living well and decently.  I care about my quality of life.  Having the trendiest, hottest new “thing” doesn’t factor into that equation.
When are Americans going to wake up and actually SMELL the (overpriced and not very good) coffee they queue up for at Starbucks????

3 thoughts on “People are so afraid of Socialism because…

  1. The USA is a fascist country with some socialist government programs. I don’t get why the Teahadists/Teanderthals don’t see that.

    “Greed is (still) Good.”
    We have all the wrong priorities because, yes I will say it, EVIL men with agendas have been working constantly for decades, sending out their propaganda minions and messages, and the sheeple eat up the shit they’re fed, because we’re taught to obey authority in our school systems. We are not human beings with feelings, desires and personal goals. We are tiny disposable cogs in the machinery of Corporate Progress & Profit. They throw us occasional sops, so that we think we have “benefits” (like health insurance) and then they underpay us and overwork us (check out this woman’s story: ).
    Unless a miracle happens, I will never get out of debt. If I remain employed by Corporate America, I have 8 more working years before retirement age. I had counted on those to be my highest-earning years of employment, until Wall Street & Banks took away a chunk of my 401(k) and caused my employer to circle the wagons and tighten their belts – 1% raise at most for some of us, and most people got 0% FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS, while the price of everything has risen 50-100%. If I could find a roommate or tag-team partner to share expenses with, I could probably make some headway, but on my own I have very little chance. I have some moonlighting opportunities thanks to Ms Crankypance (bless your generous heart ❤ ❤ ❤ ) but my "real job" sits me squarely in the lower middle class. 10 years ago, my salary comfortably covered the cost of living, with some left over for savings!! Now, I'm going backwards and have to make up the difference between income and outgo using my credit cards.
    No one CARES that there are many people like me. They say, well just don't DO that (use credit cards, for instance). Well, if it's a week to next payday, and the car's out of gas, I need to do SOMETHING to get to work.
    I think we need to move to something more "socialistic/communistic" – soon people in my situation will NOT be able to afford to own their own homes. Perhaps we'll go back to living in villages where everyone helps out with the work and shares the benefits. Our society would benefit immensely by going back to such archaic means of survival…… I really hate this new breed of American. We have always been "rugged individualists" but the current GOP ("Greed Over People") has exacerbated and incited that streak in the American psyche, and extrapolated it to mean, 'Fucking Government Redistribution of Wealth – I should be able to keep ALL of what I earn, why should I help the next guy??' These CINO's will hopefully be the perihelion of the pendulum's swing – hopefully the pendulum will head more towards the middle after this generation has either died off or awakened.
    The Rapture can't come soon enough for me – it would get rid of a lot of the thorns in my intellection and emotional psyche 😀

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