So Why Do We, the Unemployed…

…have to show proof that we’ve been searching for work in order to maintain our benefits, but bloody Corporate America doesn’t have to show proof that they are doing the very best they can do to lower the unemployment numbers by interviewing and hiring us?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Please comment.  Comments are good.  Rant.  Rave.  Get pissed off and then deluge your congressman with email until s/he does something.  Fill their inboxes up.  Call.  Start petitions.  Write the president.  Write a LOT.  Make yourself heard. Start a blog.  Link it to Occupy.


We may be unemployed but we WANT to work.  Get rid of bloody seat warmers and get someone in who will actually WORK.  Millions of us out here really, truly WANT to work. We’ll do a better job for you than those you have, because we’re hungry.  We know what it’s like to be hungry.  We’ll treasure our jobs and we won’t be the slackers.  Ever thought about THAT, Mr. CEO?????

Bah.  Mr. CEO thinks about nothing other than how he can “streamline” even more to make his shareholders happy.  It’s about money and those with the money have the power.

Isn’t it time we took that power away?  There are more of us than there are of them.  There’s power in numbers.  Would you walk down a dark alley alone, knowing full well there was a gang of 400 waiting to kick you bloody?  Would you walk down that same alley with 150,000,000 people behind you?  I would.



6 thoughts on “So Why Do We, the Unemployed…

  1. First we have to get rid of the illusion that the Beck-Slimebaugh Brigade has fostered, that ALL people on Welfare and/or Unemployment are happy just to sit on their asses and get supported by the rest of us hard working people who pay too much in taxes.
    Now, we could claim that many more percent of those hard-working taxes goes to our humongous military presence all over the freaking world, but that’s an OK use for our taxes and it makes us look strong and belligerent so no one would dare attack us **cough**
    But the use of tax dollars for the needy is just WRONG. Those people should be pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, taking a bath and getting a job.
    This shows such an incredible blindness to what is going on in every city in this country that I’m simply appalled. Speechless. One guy at work told me (in an outraged tone of voice), “did you know that people who are on welfare have better stereo systems than I do?!?!?” I don’t know how he came up with a generalization like this, because the size and type of stereo equipment is not a census item. THIS is the type of belief that we need to fight.
    Granted there are some who are gaming the system. No matter what the system is, there will be people who game it. But I believe in the greatest good for the greatest number, so if 5% of the people are gaming the system, but 95% desperately need benefits, THAT’S what’s important to me.
    The people in my office are not very happy. Management decided to remodel our lunchroom “to make it nicer for the employees” I guess – stainless steel and granite countertops, two brand new fancy microwaves, dishwasher & icemaker – but I’m not alone in being disgruntled about the fact that instead of a new lunchroom – when our old one was perfectly fine and functional, although not exactly out of the pages of Better Homes and Gardens – it could have been scrapped and instead spend the $50,000+ it took to do the job and spread that around to the employees who haven’t seen raises for at least two years…..

  2. Great post.
    In the words of Todd Beamer, “Let’s roll!”….
    Imagine of the $700 billion bailouts, several of them, had been spread around to the American people. I bet we would not be in this situation.
    Our government sucks. The corporations are massive evil empires aka, the evil Death Star. The reason for both of these tragedies is the American people keep allowing for the fleecing of this nation..

    We are becoming dumber by the millisecond. Whether that be from the dumbing down of our educational systems for over 40 years or the proposed poisoning by chem trails, either way, the populace is just not doing enough to effect the change necessary. We are spoon fed bull shit propaganda on TV and told to shop at Walmart. Has anyone seen the film Capitalism: A Love Story? You really want to get sick?
    We need a revolution.The Occupiers at least have balls. Tiny ones, but at least their hearts are in the right place.

    Here is my suggestion: Every American, drop you insurance policies. All of them. Simultaneously. Every American, home school your kids. Every American, grow an organic garden. Every American, stop paying taxes. If the entire country was on board, we could stop all of this nonsense dead in its tracks and start over fresh. Count yourself lucky if you are unemployed by corporate America. You have a chance to make a big change.
    We want to live in peace. We want the money that we earn to go to social programs that we really need. We want fresh wholesome food and water. We want good medicine and good schools. If we pay for these things why don’t we have them? Figure it out.
    Has anyone researched government grants? I have. It’s abysmal. There are none. To start a business in this country, you must be a school, a non-profit, a government/municipal entity or want to study prairie voles in the Sahara or spiders in Antarctica. It’s beyond disgusting. Our taxes fund these grants. WTF!

    I find it incomprehensible that 300 million strong are still taking it up the *ss.
    Mitt Romney? Newt? Are you kidding me? Rick Santorum? What the hell? Perfect imbeciles hell bent on more destruction one way or another.
    In America, those that run for political office are after power and money period.The whole system is broken. Much like our judicial system.

    Unfortunately, this country and the democracy that formed it, was always just an experiment that began in 1776. That experiment has finally completely failed.
    When you forcibly take what is not yours, as in the destruction, poisoning, murder, starvation and decimation of the native American Indians, (and all over the world) eventually, you will lose. Big time.
    We are experiencing karma.

    Phewww….There is my rant. God bless us, one and all.

  3. God bless YOU, Summer! And you, too, Zala! Well said, both of you. Americans won’t drop their insurance, nor will they start growing their own gardens. Remember victory gardens? No, I don’t either,I’m too young. Still, I’ve read about them.

    Why don’t we ALL grow our own “FUCK CORPORATE CONTROL” gardens. I dare Monsanto to come in and tell me I can’t grow my own damned soybeans without their permission. I have a huge back yard and it’s getting dug up in two weeks and prepared for planting. My mother is giving me her canning supplies, and I will spend my time growing food and canning/freezing it so I won’t starve this winter and so my friends and family won’t have to support me (as much). I want to say it loudly here, because Miss Zala is one of those who is a “quiet giver.” If it weren’t for her love and support, I would be completely malnourished. Because of her, i’m healthy. She has sent care packages FROM MINNESOTA so that I can eat. I don’t know many other people who would do that. My friend, Paul, helps me financially when he can. My parents have done the same, and I thank them for it but I do wish they didn’t think I needed a lecture along with each check.

    On the other hand, I have a family member who loaned me a small amount of money a few months ago and when I couldn’t pay it back on the date due, through no fault of my own, I spent the rest of the month reading emails about how strapped this person was. Two weeks ago I find out this person is buying a summer home – just put a contract on it – and it has ALL the amenities. The reason for being strapped? This individual didn’t like to take money from CDs – “because it just never seems to go back in.” Cry me a river. It’s their choice and I accept that, but I sure don’t have to respect it.

    Miss Zala is my family. This other person is some stranger I thought I knew, but obviously do not know. That other person is not someone I count as family any longer.

  4. I may be a “quiet giver” Ms Pance, but I also have ulterior motives ;D
    I want to see your book(s) get published!!!
    It’s hard to write sensibly and let your imagination soar when your allergies drive you crazy, or your stomach is rumbling ;))
    A healthy Ms Pance means a possible Editor job for Ms Zala – WIN-WIN!! :)))))

    • Ms Zala will be editor. I have 95 more pages to get through and then another 100 or so more from Syd, who has been writing like a fiend. I can’t keep up with him, but I’m going to have to start. Like tomorrow. It’s going to rain all day (supposedly) and if it does, no boxes will be unpacked. I’m going to settle into my writing nook right here and write. I think we have three to six months before the first draft is ready for the publisher. I want to get at least 25 pages of Syd’s work finished on my end before sending to you to edit/find holes, etc….

      • Ms. Zala? It appears that our mutual friend with the story of a fantastical place will not allow me to re-write, and has applied with the draft that, while a good story, is not good enough for publication, to 97 agents and been rejected. Won’t listen to any suggestion of re-writing and fleshing out. Won’t listen to the need for character development or a re-working of plots and sub-plots so none appear weak. Won’t listen to anything. Just complains. So I’m done with that. I don’t have time to write for someone who doesn’t want my input and who won’t listen to any constructive criticism. I had someone on this end read the first draft. That person understood the story; said it was a GOOD story, but that the way it was written sucked. I agreed. I passed this along, in more diplomatic terms and got yelled at for allowing anyone to read it. So I’m done. LOL.

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