Karma is a Beautiful Thing

I won’t name names or speak to situations but I will say that there are some who just keep building bad karma for themselves.  It’s always amusing when their own karma finally runs them over and they drag themselves up with a look of surprised outrage on their faces.

I heard something today that, had I not already believed in karma (you get what you give), would have convinced me beyond all doubt.

It took a coupla years but the wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round…


3 thoughts on “Karma is a Beautiful Thing

  1. I know what you mean- but you do have to be careful of your own Karma~ not being too happy at another’s misfortunes (no matter how much they may very well deserve it?)…I’ve always been happy enough to know I’m trying to do the “right thing”- and though I believe that “what goes around, comes around”, I never wish for it to happen or think things like, “one day, you’ll get yours”, when I am treated less than nicely.

    I do my best & I don’t worry about the others. That would be like me giving them even more of my valuable time to be thinking of them at all, you know what I mean?

    Hope things are good with you, Ms. C- and that your new place is still working out wonderfully?

    • I’m with you on that, Tracy! It’s not right to be happy at another’s misfortune, but it does solidify one’s belief in universal balance when you see Karma at work.

      I never wish bad things on others, because that wishing will come back to me. Plus, I don’t want bad things to happen to others. Period.

      My new place (here in PA, out of the ghetto I WAS in) is lovely, if a little cold right now. That’s okay – it’s bloody cold outside and I have exceptionally high ceilings, so I’m just dressed warmly and have a space heater going. 🙂

      How’s life finding you these days, lady?

      • I’ve been better- but still am grateful for everything I’ve got that’s good in my life…Not sure if I ever put it here, but I lost my job last Aug. (our chain was swallowed by a bigger one & closed) & then had a terrible car accident six days later (total loss). I’m lucky to only have the injuries I do, because it could have been much worse, but I’m still not able to work & it’s driving me insane (& steadily depleting $ I have scrimped to save for my kid’s uni fees). I’m waiting for my turn at physio & orthopaedic places…In the meantime, my sis & great-niece are visiting from FL & my GN will remain here to attend a session of uni as an exchange student. Busy times as I try to get her enrolled & acclimated, as well as getting my son’s uni stuff settled, too.

        Ahh! One other fantastic bit of news- kids & I became Aussie citizens this past AU Day! W00t! 🙂

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