All You Need To Keep Warm…

Okay guys, I had to move again.  The town where I moved 2 months ago was far too dangerous.  Three weeks ago, when two people got killed half a block from me, I decided to move out to the middle of no where.  I got lucky.  I found a deconsecrated church out in the middle of dairy farm land that is lovely.  It’s been turned into a single family home.  I love it.  I absolutely LOVE it, even though I can’t get the temperature indoors above 60 degrees on the very cold days.

How do I stay warm?  As I type this, I’m wearing chenille gloves with the fingertips cut out, two shirts and a polar fleece jacket.  I’m wearing a hat (heat escapes from your head very fast!), a pair of yoga pants with thick fleece sweatpants over them, thick chenille sox and my trusty LL Bean wool slipper sox over those.  I’m toasty except for my nose.  I also feel like the  michelin man, but think how thin I’ll feel when it finally warms up.

I don’t care about the lack of heat.  I can always add layers.  I don’t mind wearing a hat indoors.  I LOVE the sunlight that comes through the windows (and helps with the heat) and I LOVE the wide-open configuration of this place.  I love hearing the cows bellow throughout the day, and I love that almost all I can see around me are cornfields and silos.  I also love the trout and bass-filled creek that runs behind my property.

I hope I don’t have to move again.  This place feels like home, despite the fact that I now look like Randy from “A Christmas Story” in his snowsuit.

Hope I don’t fall down…


(ps – I have 20+ foot ceilings.  music soars in my new home and I don’t have to worry about gangs who randomly spray the neighborhood with gunfire while cruising by in their thumpers.  The universe is good. )


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