I’ve Been Remiss…

…sort of.  I’ve been extraordinarily busy, and haven’t had much chance to get out here to post and read replies.  I want to thank everyone (except the spammers!) who has taken the time to post here in my absence.  You guys are great and I love hearing what you have to say.  I rarely check the email associated with this blog, so maybe all these great comments are telling me I need to!

I’ll be in and out of here, but post away, please!  I’m hoping things settle down in about a month and I can get back to my regularly scheduled posting!

Miss Crankypance (who isn’t cranky at all – at least not today!)


One thought on “I’ve Been Remiss…

  1. No worries, Miss C~ happens to the best of us…You get all caught up & we’ll look forward to your return.


    T 😉

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