Am I Really Awake?

It’s 6:32 am on a Saturday.  I was actually out of bed by 5:38 am.

Why would I do such a god awful thing on a Saturday?  Let’s see.  I’m teaching a basic smithing class at 10:00 am.  It’s really not even that much of a class – found out just a bit too late that the gallery where I’m teaching isn’t insured for me to use a torch there, so it’s morphed into a cold connection class, with an emphasis on earrings.  Why up so early if the class isn’t until 10:00 am, you ask?

Because yours truly needs 2 hours to wake up and the gallery is 25 miles away.  Luckily for me, I packed my “portable” studio last night – if you could call it packing.

Shuffling off to the shower now.  I just knew all my readers would want to hear about this most unnatural moment in my life, so I’m posting it for all the world to read.  It’s the bleedin’ middle of the night fer crying out loud!!!!

(does anyone but me smell a pity party?)


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