I’ll Say It One More Time (for now)

If you are an employee working for a large corporate entity please understand the following:

1.  You are of zero value to the company beyond what THEY deem valuable.  The definition of “value” changes daily.

2.  You are not a person.  You are a number.

3.  Your boss is NOT your friend, regardless how much you might suck up, or how much he or she may provide you special treatment.  At some point your boss’ job will be threatened and if he/she needs to step on you to save their job, you can be assured you will be gone before you can take your next breath.

4.  Telling staff they are being downsized “ahead of time” is not a display of integrity.  It is simply the result of a group of executive minions getting together and deciding the best way to keep you guys working and give you the illusion of hope that maybe things will change and they won’t downsize you after all.

5.  You have no job security.

6.  Your loyalty and hard work will never be repaid.  It will be abused.  It will appear to be appreciated until it is deemed that your salary is cutting into the big guys “competitive compensation.”

7.  Corporate executives do what is good for them, not what is good for you.

8.  THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR NEEDS, OR WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU ONCE YOU ARE CUT LOOSE.  THEY WILL FORGET ABOUT YOU.  Their lives will continue in the same vein as always, complete with luxury vacations, great medical care, plenty of food on the table, spending sprees, and conspicuous consumption while you plead with your landlord to give you another week to scrape together the back rent before you are evicted.

Don’t ever forget any of this.

Keep your resume updated and on Careerbuilder, Dice, Monster, Linked In, and any other place you can think of.  Keep it in front of every headhunter, placement agency, and hiring manager you can.  Network.  If you do this you might have a chance at finding a new job.  Right now, with our economy spinning out of control, the odds aren’t good, but there’s always a chance.  Keep that thought of a chance in front of you and get your resume together and OUT THERE NOW!


2 thoughts on “I’ll Say It One More Time (for now)

  1. Spot-on, Miss C…What I want to know is why people are just starting to notice this now? I mean, this has been going on for a very long time. I recall saying this very thing to friends years ago- the kind who actually believed that their corporate, upper-echelon “cared” about them, those sorts? That was, until they were summarily booted out with no warning, no insurance, no nothing…

    I worked for a well-known entertainment/theme park corporation for five years starting in 1980. We had to strike, for an hourly wage increase of twenty-five cents per hour- in the same year that saw the head-honcho walk away with salary, stock, & bonus of forty MILLION dollars…and that was thirty one years ago!

    This post, along with your companion piece:


    …are 100% correct. I hope plenty of people read it & start to wake up- before it’s too late.

    Personally, I think that there will come a time that there is another revolution- this time within the USA border, pitting people against government/military- and it won’t be pretty.

  2. Trace,

    It’s already too late. Americans drank the corporate Kool Aid. Thing is, there was a time, a few decades ago, when you could go to work for a company and expect to be there until you retired and then you WOULD be taken care of.

    That went away, but Corporate America still perpetrates the illusion and people buy into it because they want to. It’s human nature to want to feel secure and so people believe the lies they are told.

    America is not a democratic society as some believe. We are a capitalistic society, corrupted by the love of money, things and power. We used to have some semblance of democracy, but that vanished in the late 70’s, early 80’s. Maybe before then. The concept of fair and equitable treatment has been corrupted and it will take a revolution in the minds of all Americans to change this. It’s not something that will change through force. No amount of radicalism will create this change. It has to be done with a subtle hand and with a finesse not possessed by any American I know of.

    It will have to be a collective effort. It will require a choice by those who are privileged beyond a level that can be imagined by the lower classes (because in America, we are NOT a classless society) to work toward and for the good of all. I’m not saying they should give all their money to those less fortunate, or that the wealth and material goods they are so fond of should be taken from them. I’m saying that until these people realize they DO have a social responsibility no change will be effected.

    You may be right in your statement that we are spiraling toward civil strife. We are sitting on a powder keg of poverty-stricken, unemployed and disenfranchised citizens; citizens who have just as much right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as those with wealth and power.

    The problem with this is that those with wealth and power become spiritually and morally corrupted by it. They damn themselves with their own words. I’ve heard many upper middle class individuals blatantly state that if the poor are poor it’s their own fault since this is America and they have the same opportunity to become wealthy and powerful. This isn’t true. It’s the Great American Lie.

    Corporate America is THE paradigm; it is THE classic case study for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Since our government has now declared that Corporations are PEOPLE, I have no issue with pinning the NPD diagnosis on them.

    Corporations are a structure; they are a framework within which people work, but they are NOT people. But who am I to say. I’m just an American Citizen and my government says I’m wrong.

    For a structure to remain strong it must have a good foundation. What is the foundation of the structure of a corporation? That foundation is the worker-bees. The drones. These “people” our government has created are going to topple, because they are cutting their own foundation out from beneath themselves.

    Those at the top may soon find themselves on a leveled playing field where neither their wealth or presumed power counts for a bag of flaming dog poop. That’s not a threat – that’s a prophecy. We are a country out of control; a country whose top officials are in place because Corporations put them there, with lots and lots of money. Our government is largely comprised of corrupt individuals who care nothing for his or her constituents until it’s deemed those constituents have the power to make them look bad.

    I once helped a friend with a medicaid issue. He was seriously ill and Medicaid was jerking him around but not helping him find treatment. For an entire year he tried to get appropriate care for his illness and was told by doctor after doctor that they didn’t take “new” Medicaid patients. Why? Because Medicaid is slow to pay and when they do pay, it ain’t a lot. His health deteriorated and then one day I said: “have you contacted your congressman about this?” He replied: “no. why would he care?” I told him his congressman would care because he can’t afford not to care. If he is made aware of the situation and does nothing about it, the media WILL find out. (yours truly would make sure of that!)

    So we wrote to his congressman and golly gosh moses! It was like the Red Sea parting. Medicaid was all over my friend, offering more help than he could use. I advised him to take every last bit of that help.

    We shouldn’t have had to do that. He should have been able to walk into a local specialist’s office, get the treatment he needed to slow or even stop the nerve damage in his body, thus being able to maintain some quality of life.

    He and I had a falling out – it was my fault, and we lost touch. I hope he is continuing to get the care he so badly needed. He was an incredible artist before all this happened to him but by the time he finally got Medicaid to sit up and pay attention, he couldn’t hold a paintbrush.

    Americans, until just a couple decades ago, could count on their company taking care of them; they could count on their company doing the right thing. I believe that our government needs to take our large Corporations in hand and facilitate some sort of regulation. I believe that the “at-will” law that exists in most states should be stricken from the books. “at-will” means that an employee can be fired for any reason at all, even no reason. I live in an at-will state.

    I believe it’s time for unions to be brought back into major corporations because without them the employees lack any kind of bargaining power. I believe it’s time our major corporations were forced into a socially conscious mode, since they won’t do it for themselves.

    Yes, every American has the right to pursue the best life possible for themselves. Each and every one of us can start our own business, doing whatever we want to do. Being American means we have freedoms that those in most other countries do not have. I do NOT believe corporations are people and I do NOT believe that they should have the same rights.

    I refuse to set foot over the threshold of Walmart. Why? Because they put local small businessmen out of business and they treat their employees abominably. I won’t go to Lowes or Home Depot unless I absolutely can NOT avoid it. Why? Because I live one block from a neighborhood hardware store that is owned by the same family that started it more than 100 years ago. I’m careful about where I spend my money. I’ll buy at thrift stores before I’ll go to a department store. I go out of my way NOT to support anything that is a Big Box Business. Ever.

    If every American suddenly made the decision to shop thrift stores, to use craigslist, to buy locally and ONLY American-made items, I’ll bet our major corporations would then sit up and take notice. They’d have to. Thing is, Americans won’t do that. They want the quick fix. They want their STUFF. They want, want, want. They want it now and they want it cheap.

    My mother once told me: “Buy the best you can afford. You will never go wrong that way.” My dad told me: “Buy American.” Well, the best I could afford was a Japanese vehicle. It’s better made than American cars and it cost less, in the long term because of the lack of repairs needed. America needs to wake up and smell the effing coffee. We need to bring our outsourced jobs BACK to our country, pay our people a living wage, allow them to produce QUALITY goods and then we need to stop with the conspicuous consumption. Pay more, buy less, keep the jobs here.

    My father used to buy everything from L.L. Bean because he could count on buying American made products. He grew up in New England and was proud to support a company that employed people in his neck of the woods. 5 years ago, when he bought his last pair of comfy shoes from them, and I commented that I liked them, he said: “Bloody things are made in China. I wanted to send ’em back but your mother wouldn’t let me. Too much trouble, she said.”

    Very little of anything is made in America. I’m a silver smith and while everything I make is made in America, the supplies and tools I use are not made in this country. You can’t find good jeweler’s tools made in America. You find them in Germany or Switzerland. I recently added “Proudly Made in America” to my business card and product tags. Should I add “…with German and Swiss tools” as well?

    We aren’t going to come out of this “recession” any time soon because, as a society, we won’t pull our heads out of the sand. We’re not in a recession. We’re in a depression. No, the soup kitchen lines haven’t started yet, but give it time. The numbers of homeless are increasing daily, the numbers of unemployed increase hourly. My brother, who I love incredibly and who, next to Dad, is the most honorable man I know, won’t allow himself to stop believing that I can and will find an IT job.

    I won’t find one. I stopped looking. I was handed an opportunity today to help run a gallery and turn it into a 501(c)3. I won’t get paid for it until they start making enough money to pay me, so it’s up to me to create the programs to bring people in; it’s up to me to find a way to raise the funds for the much-needed elevator so we qualify as a 501(c)3. It’s up to me whether I earn a living at this or not, and guess what? I’ll do it.

    When I told my brother about it he said (and I had to laugh) “well, hey – that sounds great, as long as it doesn’t conflict with your real job when you find one.”

    He, and so many others like him, does not understand what it means to reinvent yourself. The time has come for all of us to do that. This IS my “real” job.

    I refuse to function with willful ignorance, as so many Americans are doing now. I want to know the truth of what’s happening, so I can create my own security, in whatever form, if at all possible. I will not rely on anyone else to do that. I cringe when I hear recently laid off people saying things like: “But they SAID…” and “I was promised…” and “WTF? ME? I had a GREAT review!”

    Corporate America always promises more than it can deliver. They don’t give a flying wet dog fart about delivering on their promises to employees.

    I boycott every last one of the bastards. Amen. Stick a fork in me.

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