I Have Been Negligent

…in my posting. Sorry peeps, but it may be a bit before I get back to it. I’ll try. I’m moving house in less than a month and am doing the screaming banshee and whirling dervish bits quite well. If you see a chicken running around without a head, it’s me. Please stitch my head back on.


3 thoughts on “I Have Been Negligent

  1. It’s not all about YOU, Ms. C….geeeez!

    J/K~ think anyone who has moved know how it can be…take your time, we’ll be here…


  2. Thanks, ladies! I just posted a rant of mine. Got a bug up my butt and it all just flowed off my fingers. I’m sure many who start reading will turn away because they won’t want to hear what I had to say. 🙂

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