Narcissists ARE Evil.

Narcissists ARE evil.  Reasonable doubt doesn’t enter this picture.  While there are reasons that a narcissist acts the way he or she acts, those reasons do not excuse their CHOICE to act that way.

A narcissist will never do anything that does not benefit him or herself.

A narcissist makes conscious decisions; he or she makes the CHOICE to harm.

If a narcissist and his latest supply walk into a bar and the narcissist gets drunk, and then disorderly and is thrown out of the bar, whose fault is it?  If you answered “the victim’s fault” you answered correctly and this means you understand how a narcissist’s mind works.

I have posted here that I’m not certain whether a narcissist truly knows he or she treats others badly.  The reason I say that is because a narcissist, in choosing to treat another badly, makes the choice believing, in their twisted psyche, that their choice is right, good and moral.  That choice will always contain projection of their own accountability for a situation onto whomever (and sometimes whatever) they find to be their nearest victim.

While sane people KNOW a narcissist treats others badly, and does it on purpose, the narcissist has no knowledge at all.  All he has is a delusional belief system that tells him he is NOT treating others badly.

What a narcissist believes is of no relevance.  A narcissist’s mind is twisted, sick and dangerous.

What a narcissist believes is a delusion; it is a construct within which there can only be one “good” person.  You know who that person is.

A narcissist will always do only what is right for him or herself, and that action, regardless the harm done to any other individual(s), will be justified in the narcissistic mind as right.

A narcissist knows the difference between right and wrong only as it pertains to him or herself.  No one else matters.

None of the above is a justification for the pure EVIL that a narcissist perpetrates on his or her victims.

Narcissists do not and cannot love.

Narcissists do not care about you or anyone else.

Narcissists are very good at hiding all of these things – for short periods of time, usually the length of time it takes to suck in fresh supply.

Narcissists do not have relationships.  With anyone.  Period.

Narcissism is rampant in our society.  It is rampant because our culture not only encourages it, but supports it, through the venue of pop-psychology and the “gotta take care of Number One” mantra.

Narcissists do not want the best for you or anyone other than themselves.

Narcissists do not help anyone unless they can be certain it will be known by as many as possible that they have “helped.”   If you  need an example of this just look at corporate philanthropy.  That’s an entirely different post, though.

Narcissists are the embodiment of all we have been taught is morally wrong; EVIL; and they are excellent at cloaking their behavior in the guise of goodwill and self-sacrifice.

I just wanted to make that clear, in case anyone was wondering where I stand on this issue.


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  2. Holy Cow! I am so glad I found your blog. I could go on and on ad infinitum about my experiences with N’s, but I won’t bore you. It’s clear that you and I lived the same life, possibly with the same man. I just want to say that I am healed, though it took an inexplicable length of time; Apparently the damage a narcissist does takes shockingly long to heal from unlike a normal relationship. I would like to make one comment in difference to your theory however. And that is that N’s do have relationships. But these relationships are not for love or how a normal person would enter into a relationship. It is purely for appearances and to look normal in the world’s eyes and also so they may continue their search for supply whilst having an anchor at home with no one none the wiser. I liken it to a drifting boat trying to tie off to a cleat. Other than that, you are spot on in your observations and remarks. I also began my blog as a cathartic place to heal and ramble, which I still do I suppose. Thankfully, it worked and the N that initially caused so much devastation to my life, is long gone and forgotten. I feel it is my duty as well to heal and help if I can the others suffering from the same fate.
    Nice to meet you and perhaps we could link blogs. Oh, I also am completely in agreement with your political stance and corporate knowledge. Thanks god I am not alone. I haven’t really voiced my politics much yet but plan on it very soon.
    Terrific blog.

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  4. Thank you, Summer! It can take a long long time to heal from the damage a narcissist does. My original purpose for this blog was to help heal myself. It evolved into an effort to warn others before too much damage is done. Narcissists know all the tricks to suck us in. That’s why it’s ESSENTIAL to simply DATE an individual, not “play house.” Date that person and if he or she pressures you for more,and won’t wait, they aren’t worth your time. That’s my take on it.

    A man or woman who refuses to compromise in a relationship is likely functioning with a personality disorder. I’m so glad you’re out of your situation (remember, Narcissists don’t HAVE relationships – they have supply), and have healed. It’s a rough road for many.

  5. I just got out of a relationship a couple months ago with a NPD! Worst experience of my life. I have honestly been telling everyone that he was Satan and I meant it. They think I went to far but hell no I did not! I found out he cheated on me with his ex the whole time we were together. He talked about her (to me) that she was a crazy psycho bitch, meanwhile after coming to my house and having diner with my family, he would stop by his exes house on his way home! WTF! One thing about him (I’m not sure if this is true of all narcissists) but he would tell the truth of HIS life through stories of other people. For example… He talked about how is ex kept seeing her exes while they were dating so he broke up with her. And his best friend used to cheat on his gf every time he went out. And that his fried was a crazy coke head. All of these “stories” he told he were true of himself, I later found out. I believe his thought process was.. “I can do whatever the fuck I want, but no one else can”. Do all narcissists do that? After breaking up with him, I realized all of this of course, wish I knew sooner. Damn Satan

    • Lol did we have the same ex!!! Mine is hellbent on ruining my life now and i mean that he ruined my business online! He stalked me! He turned people against me! He has had this vendetta for over a year it has just come to light what a freak and yes cheats coke lies delusions severe anger wants youy scared of them they need sectioning or testing so they can be labelled as evil theres a new law coming out to check if you partner has been arrested for domestic abuse i wish it was out 5yrs ago!!!

      • Hi. I have had some problem. Now I’m free and thanks God opened my eyes and heart to see true. It’s hard understand until you don’t live with person24 hours for while.
        They can’t love . They lie,cheat,run fast from toxic people!!!!!!

  6. this article is more evil than any narcissist ever could be. it’s choc full of encouragement for extreme prejudice and is no different from other forms of prejudice such as racism.

    also, it overlooks the benefits narcissism can have, and the differences from narcissism and full-blown narcissistic personality disorder.

    my personal case of mild narcissism (not npd, but regular narcissism) is particularly beneficial to society for example, because although i feel like a god compared to everyone else, being a “god” gives me a sense of responsibility to help out others who are not yet “gods”.

    this help usually takes the form of “volunteer work” of sorts, like giving people answers for stuff they ask for, helping the fight against online bullying in my own way, and general informative things like this reply i’m leaving right now that help people avoid major mistakes before it’s too late.

    that as opposed to fake help like assuming everyone but myself is retarded and repeatedly supplying them with common knowledge.

    it may be true that we look to benefit ourselves in helping other people when we do so, but where is the harm in that if it’s done without negative impact on the people we help?

    it is also true that if someone’s condition negatively impacts someone else, they should get help, but its very wrong of anyone to say that the entirety of any denomination hurts other people unless you speak in no uncertain terms, for example, serial killers.

    narcissism does not in and of itself cause harm to others, rather, its some of the posssible actions that a severe case may risk that do the damage.

    therefore, its extremely unfair (and completely incorrect) to claim that all of us hurt people, as even those of us with extreme cases of npd who are at risk of doing such a thing are capable of not hurting someone, whether it be emotionally, physically, or any other sense you can make the word to mean.

  7. I am living proof that you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    In my 40+ years on this earth, I have never seen a more biased, inflexible, closed-minded display of ignorance and vitriol that this “article”. As a narcissist (NPD, comorbid with Histrionic Personality Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder – I have 3), I can attest to the existence of all the attitudes the author mentions. However, to generalize the intentions and/or inabilities to control behaviors of EVERYONE suffering NPD is not only incorrect, it is irresponsible and reeks of victimization.

    This “article” does not cite empirical data; it is merely the rantings of one “done wrong” by one of my kind (NPDs). In my many years of treatment, I have tried – and largely succeeded – to manage my personality modes and the selfish attitudes which lead to narcissistic behaviors. Schema thrapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. have all contributed to my progression. I have healthy relationships with many, including those I have hurt in the past, because I am self-aware and have shown sincere regret and made genuine reparations.

    Contrary to this author’s assertion, we (NPDs) can feel love – I would instinctively act to sacrifice myself to protect my daughter, and I make conscious decisions to genuinely appreciate those who are generous enough to give me their love. I am open and honest with those closest to me, and I give them the information and tools to protect themselves FROM ME in the event that I slip into a narcissistic mode and am unable to recognize my frame of mind.

    Author, you should be ashamed of yourself for posting this diatribe as fact. A parallel argument could be “all brunettes are untrustworthy and WILL cheat on you” or “all Hispanics are thieves and WILL steal from you”. To assign a purely subjective quality such as “evil” to an entire group of people is bias (which equals racism), and to act according to those attitudes is discrimination.

    I hope that venting here gave you some measure of release, and that you will open your mind and allow that not all NPDs are created equal. I am also going to forego the urge to make a blanket statement as callous, biased and incorrect as yours:

    People who write “articles” like this are IGNORANT, DISCRIMINATORY, and EVIL.

    Because it just isn’t true.

    • From

      “– Because of the influence of third-party payers (insurance companies), there has been a strong trend towards short-term therapy that concentrates on ameliorating acute troubles, such as depression, rather than delving into underlying chronic problems. Narcissists are very reluctant to open up and trust, so it’s possible that their NPD is not even recognized by therapists in short-term treatment. Purely anecdotal evidence from correspondents and from observations of people I know indicates that selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors, such as Prozac, aggravate narcissists’ grandiosity and lack of social inhibition. It has also been suggested that self-help literature about bolstering self-esteem and getting what you want out of life or that encourages the feeling of victimization has aggravating effects on NPD thinking and behavior.
      — Most clinical writers seem unaware that narcissists’ self-reports are unreliable. This is troubling, considering that lying is the most common complaint about narcissists and that, in many instances, defects of empathy lead narcissists to wildly inaccurate misinterpretations of other people’s speech and actions, so that they may believe that they are liked and respected despite a history of callous and exploitative personal interactions.”

      My blog contains zero “empirical data.” There is a dearth of such data, as true narcissists can’t be relied upon to tell the truth about themselves. As stated in the snip above, my blog contains purely anecdotal “evidence” from my own experience and the experiences of those who have endured life with a narcissist.

      You are free to disagree with me, to call me names, to dismiss me, to discard my blog as tripe, and/or do whatever you want. Interesting, though, that the majority of those who replied here agree with the concept of my post and you, a self-admitted narcissist, find no merit in the post or in the blog. None. You seem to take it as a personal attack on YOU. I find that bit most interesting of all. I don’t know you. Never met you, but your post gives me a big clue about you, even if you hadn’t mentioned you’re a narcissist.

      For another poster: I don’t believe in healthy narcissism. I believe that narcissism, in any form is extremely unhealthy, and it aligns neatly with the seven deadly sins.

      • I would like to add youmight be one of the few, however, all that I have come across fit this to a tee. Glad to hear there are some out there who has “feelings.”

    • It sounds like you may have narcissistic traits, like many people do who are not narcissists. You probably were abused by someone close to you when you were a child (possible a parent, who was possibly a narcissist), and thus developed these traits, probably from emulating the behaviour of the abuser. It’s kind that you’ve informed those close to you about the negative traits you have had, to help them avoid being hurt by you (should you fall into displaying one of the traits). It’s good news that you are trying to remove these traits from you. Did you know that most narcissists don’t know they are narcissists? Also, most wouldn’t admit they were narcissists, even if it was explained to them?

    • Bullshit!!! NPDs are scum of the earth who don’t deserve one iota of sympathy because they only illicit it as more supply. My NPD would shed tears for her horrendous behavior. Then as soon as she felt I was done with it she’d return to the same behavior to the Nth power. And how dare you compare NPD to racism or any -ism. Racism is wherein an entire race of people are assigned certain traits and hated for it whether the traits are even true or for silliness like slanted eyes, dark skin color, etc. NPDs ALL HARM PEOPLE. They destroy people who love them through exploitation of that love. There is no comparison to how they treat other human beings, including children, through lying, manipulating, cheating on spouse, gas lighting, projecting, and physical violence. This is ABUSE and ALL NPDs DO IT! You are of a rare breed of NPD who sought help. Apparently, you have left some broken, devastated people in your wake before something gave you the epiphany about yourself. I applaud you and the very miniscule few who seek help. The reality is that most NPDs don’t seek help and destroy multitudes of lives. If you cannot admit that then I would say that you are only here looking to engage with someone for the purpose of N supply.

    • And you are a full blown narcissist yourself! You project, project, project. How pathetic of you to defend Narcissistic behaviour. Get a life!

  8. The article was spot on regardless of the comments. If you have lived with one who is on medication for the sickness and he is a father to a child from the relationship, you worry everyday. It’s not a joke and a real illness. These people are heartless. They do nothing in life that does not benefit themselves. They are a fake.

  9. I agree with this article. I have meny experiences with Narcissists. The most horrific is my mother. I have been in relationship with men who are narcissists, because they could spot me. (Once a narcissist kills his victims soul other narcissists smell the blood. They are like predators. It was hard to realise that people can be like monsters, and the hardest thing was admitting to myself that my mother is evil, that she never has loved me, and she never will. All her kisses, hugs, kind words and worries, are poisoned. The are all lies. How can someone do that to a child? She now wants to be in my life and is acting like a martyrand a saint, and she expects me to belive that she really loves me, and expects me to forget all the bruises and marks on my five-yearold body after she hit me time after time in her narcissistic rage-mode. I am now 28 years old and I feel like a hollow ghost walking on this earth. But I will NEVER give up!!! I will fight for my freedom and happyness and for my soul for as long as i live, now that I can see what it is that I am facing. I agree that narcissist are evil. I understand that some might kall them kids, in an emotional sense, and hence they really aren´t capable of much emotional insight. Weather or not one belives that narcissists are evil depends on how you define evil. I define it as “Not havaing any concience”. That´s all.

    • Many go through the “emptiness” phase that lasts in my experience occording to the length and depth of the abuse.

      To everyone who has suffered narc abuse and in the process lost themselves I encourage you to source lsd/psilobyn to heal. Many will disagree due to the current laws. Personally I have been through narc abuse all my life in fact I moved out from a narc infested house to another. If I have not touched these miracles I would have remained in that horrible state for much longer and possibly be left severely damage, magnitudes more so than already. All the identity swapping and such yuck honestly every victim deserves to heal, and here on this planet exist ethogens for this very purpose.
      lsd – releases old beliefs and structures which may be holding an individual down and in the process allow them to create themselves hence becoming someone. I would take lsd to ‘relearn’ to live life, to become who we are and function the way we were sent here to function.
      psilobyn – found in ‘magic mushrooms’ is in the same family of drugs as lsd. psilobyn targets more emotionally than lsd, in one trip after enduring massive amount of mental abuse of my narc mother, I reconnected with my inner child and it was enough to stay with me, I become self-aware of the situation. “to be proactive than reactive”
      DMT, a drug in the same family (note* many psychedelic drugs are very useful for healing in general), is also extremely beneficial in letting go and progressing mentally.

      Of course if one remains in the abusive relationship then its redundant to heal via this avenue because the narc will just have better quality narc supply. These drugs WILL teach you and show you the ‘zen’ way of life, you will be redirected and alined with the intention “may the best be for everyone concerned”. All while protecting your own integrity and emotional wellbeing.
      We are all entitled to every success and happiness that we desire. The key point is to gain while helping others to gain.
      On healthy narcissim- I believe there is not much difference between the healthy narc and the unhealthy narc. The main difference is that they operate on opposite spectrums of reality all while attempting to secure there happiness via emotional gratification. Healthy narcs dont pose a threat to other people like unhealthy narcs do.. healthy narcs as the latter function primarily on ego. These people are generally more selfish and ‘about-themselve’. I wasn’t really given a chance -genuine understanding and sympathy to my extreme screwed up nature (avoidant personality disorder). It was always what i was doing and my choices in life etc for instance my excess use of cannabis is the problem while back in my reality I was being consumed by narcissists. Albeit this dictates reaction everyone who has suffered narc abuse will state that its not that simple especially if ones own parents are NPD. That’s why I say that psychedelic drugs, that are not addictive and don’t harm the body, should be very seriously considered. It has been said lsd is safer than cannabis physically.

  10. I´d also like to comment on the post made by the narcissist in this thread. He / She claims to love the people close to him and give them tools to protect themselves from him/her. This may very well be, but it is only because these people in some way please the narcissist, not because they deserve it as human beings, out of their own worth.. The author of this article does not please the narcissist. Therefore he gets a taste of the other side of the narcissists objectification:

    “Author, you should be ashamed of yourself for posting this diatribe as fact.”

    This.. is narcissistic rage. The Narcissist is trying to inflict shame upon the author.
    Yes, we do have a responsibility to have an open mind about EVERYONE, including narcissists,This is the authors conclusion, basd on her experience. I agree with her. I have tried, and mind you been trained by a narcissist all my life, to overlook peoples flaws, but after my 28 years of life, and carefully looking into narcissistic sould I have seen not emptiness, ans one would think, but evil.

    I welcome debate on the matter. This is only on a theoretical level. To actually give narcissistic people a chance to prove that they can be “good” is not something I will ever do in real life. I will NEVER do that to my soul and body, ever again. /Respectfully.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I think you are spot on with your assessment of the reply written by the narcissist in this thread. For the record, I’m not ashamed of posting my “diatribe” as fact. Actually, I didn’t post it as fact, I posted it strongly as my opinion, as are all my posts on this blog. The narcissist here chose to believe I was attacking him/her personally, which is high hubris, considering that more than 2,000 people visit this blog daily. Out of all of those people, none who I know personally, I chose this individual to attack. Mmmmhmmm. Methinks the narcissist doth protest too much.

    • Healhealheal: I would like to recommend kratom (mitragyna speciosa tree) to help heal damage caused by these toxic sub-humans (narcopaths). It works wonders with things like PTSD and C-PTSD as well as anxiety. The best place to order it is Blue River Wellness or online. It’s a powdered, dried leaf that comes from the tropical rain forests and it is very gentle and mild taken in the correct dose, usually 1 teaspoon in the beginning working up to a couple teaspoons eventually. Just mix it with some orange juice and drink it and then drink a glass of water. You will feel like a brand new person! It has really helped me with my anxiety and C PTSD along with the lonliness and despair we feel when everyone we know sides with the Liars (narcopaths).

  11. Last word: My condolances to all narcissists. After all, this world consists (thankfully) mostly of people who are not narcissists, and who operate on a different level than You do. One who loves the earth, who loves the birds, who loves the heart, must pity you on some level. Furthermore, it must be quite disorienting for you to live in this world at times, and for that you deserve compassion, although you yourselves cannot provide it for others.
    You are like the Terminator; sensless, brutal, unstopable – until stoped. The irony. Sometimes you might even be charming, No matter if you are predestened to be what you are, or you chose it by free will – you are the one who destroys and desolatd, everything and everyone. Therein lies your biggest deception – your evilness might be considered a mystery. For infact, you are plain, and only God loves your true souls. Your children don´t. Your wives don´t, your husbands don´t.
    If you´re lucky, there is a cure, But the odds are against you. I wish people around you, well.
    Thank you for listening.

      • Narcissists are utterly undeserving of pity. They deserve only to rot in the hell of their own making.

        They are the weakest moral and spiritual abortions to walk upon on this planet. In their hearts they full well know it.

        I wish only that the grief and suffering they cause on others be heaped upon them to the fullest measure.

        If they had any guts, and gall they would not be Narcissists in the first place. The lowest of drug addicts and drunks is a great being compared to these pieces of trash. Those people, often the victims of Narcissists, do not seek to protect themselves from life’s injustices by DELIBERATELTY harming others.

        Sooky wooky Narcissists, think they are the only ones to ever have a hard time in life. While making it worse and worse for all about them. It should be legal to shoot them as the vermin they are.

    • If you disagree with a narcissist, especially if you tell the TRUTH on ANY subject, they take it personally and become angry, see “MA” above….. (which proves they are infested by a Truth hating demonic spirit). You cannot have your OWN opinion around a Pod person (demon infested narcissist.) Haven’t you learned!!!! (They always “out” themselves when you speak truth. It is the Narcissists krypton). Keep on telling the truth. These liars are everywhere and they need to be EXPOSED!

      • Yes I agree.
        You are so right about that.
        There was a Scottish Executive I knew who was so self absorbed in his own beliefs that any disagreement was a threat to him.
        Even when I went out, did the research, and exposed the real truth and facts and showed him the evidence, he became very angry.
        Five different tribunals came back with the same burden of evidence, and he still believed what he believed regardless of the real facts and testimony.

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  13. From all the narcs Ive known I still am on the fence about this. Does good and evil really exist? or are these people living in a different reality.
    They radiate EVIL pathologically its truly disturbing, they just don’t care at all no the slightest bit of concern for others. But I pondered what makes them act out as such ie. entitlement etc but why is this created and I realized that narcissistic abuse is a direct assault and shutting down off the right brain and to create ultimate gas lighting.
    I started thinking about the mechanics of narc abuse and realized for the most part it is COVERT BRAIN WASHING.
    Considering these narcs went through the very real process of losing there identity/ability to think with their RIGHT BRAIN via true stimulus unlike the abuse they create which is really non existent and just a thought form even if it may have an effect it really doesn’t have to.
    Narcissists can’t do anything if they don’t have an emotional hook to abuse.
    They are stuck living their life’s in a state of not being able to think normally/with positive emotions of course because of their inability to face themselves and their whole construct is of abuse coupled with infantile emotions and an extreme inferiority complex = a total abomination.
    My theory is that these people experience what we experienced from them but in a TRUE/REAL way to actually materialize what they dish out leading onto the mechanics of the abuse which is brainwashing and deluding and reducing the normal person into initially conscious and UNconscious submission + gas lighting to avert the blame from the narcissist the person becomes hyperactive not being able to think straight more and more blaming others and not the true source and an increase in unhealthy narcissism. That is how the narc was raised to the fullest by very sick people maybe more so than the narcissist.
    They were brainwashed into believing the abuse they went through was justified and they cannot break free from this loop because there have been very specific mental blocks placed within their mind in such a way that they work together to create a strong a link that when challenged in the slightest they re experience their punishments emotionally.
    Personally I believe that these people have chosen to accept their “birth right” as being complete wastes of life and deserve nothing but vile contempt which is a result of immense levels of brainwashing and EXTREME dis-empowerment to the point of giving up free will, not that they are purely evil though on the surface it may appear that way.
    In regards to the general idea of why they CHOOSE to do what they do its like a drug addict I guess, I don’t understand this yet – even when one gives them true understanding of themselves and their condition and is willing to sacrifice a bit of themselves here and there they will take it as giving a junkie free heroin but with no care at all about the giver.
    Maybe they turned evil because that’s what they are deluded into believing. I watched my bro turn from screwed up hard to reason with to entirely deluded would not listen to logic anymore or fact, cannot see reality as it is in the slightest. As I type this I thought of something- with everything I written one can consider that the roles were reversed and as little kids they were gas lighted and their being narc abused to create self hatred and a IMPOSED and FAKE mental image of their parent/abuser as THEMSELVES.
    Why do these people have a hard time overcoming their probs? I believe its to do with the level of mind control/brainwashing/parasitic infestation not because of a real blockage of sorts. So the mechanics play a part in creating this evil thing though the narc allows this sort of thinking to occur and listening to the abuse in fear of being punished. This yields all sorts of negative emotions primarily INFANTILISATION. They are basically forever victims + the extreme narcissism = entitlement etc They don’t understand how to surpass their current state because mentally it is so shutdown and degraded that they rather just abandon it and not being able to listen to logic and such they are their own worst enemies.

    Bottom line I don’t think narcissists are evil initially, its after years of living this way they accept and create themselves as an abomination that’s when they become TRULY evil.
    I guess the only way one could understand and narcs mind is to be one in that if they never had a capacity for empathy ie. never cared at all. Does this mean they were evil always (after the abuse) or just a tragic result of extreme child abuse. Both seem valid that its a result of the abuse hence they are not truly evil. Consider they have free will later on in life yet they continue to do what they do and in fact get worse that to me sounds like EVIL. Though they really don’t have free will within themselves and that’s the cycle.
    The IMPOSED nature of their evil thinking is just that – IMPOSED.
    My advice: don’t bother at all because they will never change and cannot change through us normalized folk only by them selves will they ever be able to change. A narcissist is so deluded that they cannot imagine anything other then what they experience.
    Evil does as evil does can we really blame them? No.
    Do we need to consider they are normalized in anyway? Nope.
    Are they full blown crazy? For the most part yes. If not entirely.

    About non pathological NPD I am not sure the lesser levels of this disorder seem to be more tamable I imagine.. Maybe I am wrong, maybe they ultimately choose to do evil consciously based not on the mechanisms purely but rather their choice to create harm onto others.. In this case Id say THEY ARE evil just that its all IMPOSED and they accepted these images even if it was because of severe brainwashing/deluding. They are FAKE to the fullest.

  14. I think you are pretty wrong at several points.

    Narcissists DO KNOW that what they treat others wrongly. Proof for that? Narcissists HIDE their real selves. If they would think that what they do is – even in a very twisted logic – good, there would be no reason to hide it.

    Anyway, why do you say that narcissists are pure evil (which I agree), if you think that they believe they do good for others (even in a twisted logic)? Evil means I want to HURT YOU on PURPOSE.

    Ns are evil, they know they are evil, and they enjoy it. Period

  15. After a intense 4 months I learnt to accept Narcs truly are evil in that they function to harm as previously stated. Though I believe that narcs being screwed up to the point of no mind at all and complete mind control. When the symptoms of NPD combine with the reality of themselves its ‘good game’.
    They cannot accept it at all so with no empathy they literally stop caring at all about themselves or anyone because they are severely entitled and completely infantile – cannot process anything.
    This turns them into ‘stones’ that cannot unsolidify and hence they become EVIL.
    Its really that bad for a narc though in the big picture they are EVIL imo.

  16. As someone who was married to a man with NPD for 30 years I can tell you that they do realize they hurt you but basically don’t care. They have their needs and feelings but you are not allowed to have your own feelings you have to feel what they tell you to feel. They have no interest in listening to your worries or concerns because the only concerns that are important are theirs. They use their wives and children to put on a show to the world that they are caring and giving. This is not true, they only give with conditions attached to any gift. If you disagree or try to tell them that something they did or said was wrong, you were either raged at or simple ignored for days or weeks, until you finally caved and ended up asking for forgiveness just so they would talk to you again. They will use your children to keep you in line, or your pets also. Once your children are old enough and smart enough to realize that they do not want this person in their lives or their children’s lives, they are discarded and smeared by the very man who should be protecting them. As my eldest son replied to an officer of the law who served my husband his divorce papers. The officer told my son that my husband was such a generous, caring man. My son replied, “yes if you needed an arm he would rip off my arm and give it to you.” We had five children together and he used everyone of them to ensure that I would never leave, he also managed to distance all my friends and family, discouraged any communication between them and me. I always knew I would never get away until all my children were grown and beyond his control.

  17. They are evil. They only care about their own self Interest. They will try to mindfully destroy your life. They will twist situations beyond your wildest imaginings to beat you down. Judge them by their
    behavior, not reasons or
    excuses. The opposite of goodness is evil. Turn them in to God.

  18. Evil? Evil doesnt even begin to describe these people.

    Almost 10 years married to 1. She has destroyed my life.

    Met her when she was 19, school dropout. Drop dead gorgeous girl with a wonderful personality or so I thought. I was 10 years older, succesful in business and a good guy who didnt go out partying, didnt smoke or drank.
    She put up the nice girl that didnt party or drink and wanted love and a family for 2.5 years until she got pregnant.

    Then all hell broke loose. She came from a poor breakground and when i met her she told me how happy she was to be out of her home where her mother mistreated her.
    I did everything for her. Drivers licence, first car, registered and funded a business in the fashion industry.

    Then she gave birth and within 3 months she would drop the baby with the nanny and go out partying with friends while i was working my ass off to maintain her and the baby. Her favourite thing was “i’ll be back by 8pm” at 8pm she would send me a message saying “im on my way home see you just now”.

    Phone off from there and back home at 5am the following day, and dont i dare say anything else id be labelled crazy and wanting to control her. While i was left looking after a tiny baby all night changing nappies and bottle feeding. And even if the baby got sick, it wouldnt stop her. Friends parties booze and i suspect drugs too.

    It only went downhill from there. During the week she stopped cooking or doing anything in the house, she started working at times until 11pm. Phone off of course. Gets home infuriated and started blaming me for her failures. Her life and business a total mess. First car written off, so i bought her another one. She had 5 accidents with it. The mind games, gaslighting and then finally 2 years ago triangulation. She met some good for nothing at gym(which i was paying for) whom she became obsessed with. Her favourite game now making appointments or commitments with me, then disappearing and making sure I would find her with this guy.

    Last year in november i had to call the police on her, she assaulted me in front of our child.
    Tried to commit suicide with what i later found out were vitamin pills.
    Tried to get her into counselling, i still didnt know what was wrong with her. After 2 sessions of telling the psychologist how awesome she is and how totally crazy i am, she stopped going claiming i turned said psychologist against her.
    I rented her a place by december she moved out.
    I went on holiday with my now 5 year old son and she proceeded to make it living hell telephonically, firstly she refused going with, then claimed “i left her behind”. Then there was a storm that damaged her parents house, also got blamed for that. Ended up switching my phone off.

    In may this year on my anniversary she invited me out, put up a huge dinner for us in a romantic spot apologised and begged me to take her back. For the sake of the child i did that. So she out up a long list of requests. She wanted her own house, a new car and a huge monthly allowance. I agreed.

    For 3 months things were perfect. Then she started again. Moods, gaslighting, disappearing, totally denying me sex or intimacy. We went for a very expensive romantic weekend in october, upon our return, 2 days later she took me for a spa treatment, made an appointment to see me later for a movie date. And disappeared. Found her at the same place where i used to rent her place when she moved out, the gym boyfriend now resided there with rent being paid from the monthly allowance i gave her.

    As if that wasnt enough she would buy him shoes and food from my credit card!

    No care for the child whatsoever whom is now 6, and she’s began gaslighting and mindf**** him as well to try and turn him against me. $50k brand new car being used to drive the good for nothing boyfriend around so i took it back and sold it.

    Its warfare every day. She managed to turn a 2 week holiday to the USA into a living nightmare. Wouldnt allow me to take the child alone so had to take her with. Started with divorce proceedings which will now happen in January, she doesnt know yet. Oh and ended up at the police again on the 30th november after assaulting me again, i took a video of her she even denies the video….

  19. Forgot a few details.

    Triangulation by cellphone. She is 24/7 on her phone and on social
    Media. Theres no dinner, no holiday, no conversation without her being on her phone at the same time she gets upset if i dare touch my phone and accuses me of having affairs. Hides behind doors in the house to spy on what im doing.

    Takes on average 50-100 pics of herself a day, which are posted on every means of social media available.

    Her phone sleeps under her pillow. Nobody is allowed next to it. Shes secretive and hides everything. Her finances, her business etc. She has no real friends except for other people she uses that eventually get fed up and abandon her. For some reason she’s obsessed with her father.

    Materialistic, takes pics with brand name items which she then pretends i must buy her.

    Lies about EVERYTHING. Illnesses, cars breaking down, her whereabouts, what she is doing and her totally dysfunctional business into which ive ploughed hundreds of thousands and it cant even pay its own rent.

    • damn man thats sounds like the worst stage of narcissism. so many people have narcissistic traits tho , the bitch is insane

      • Getty, I suggest that she is projecting the cheating, that she does not want anyone near her phone because she is living a double life, and all of the photos are intended to get her male attention. And you are paying for her to live out her double life, dude. That is what I get out of what you are complaining about. I would not hand a woman money, but I would pay a private eye.

  20. one and half years after i broke up with ex narcussist christine i went to a psychologist because i had lost my career as a result of chrisrines actions

    One wednesday christine rang me up and said she wanted to have sex with me- so to be romantic i booked a nice motel in a beachy surburb on saturday-i always suspected she was cheating on me- well 20 mins before i was meant to pick her up-she said she couldnt go and one of her daughters left her baby behind. i had a fight with christine and even asked later in the day if she would come-no was her answer. i believe christine did not want to go and used the baby as an excuse. i went anyway to the motel with a male friend and got extremely mad on sunday-why am i here with a male friend instead of christine. i went to christines house to confront her-snashed her cover to her meter box and had a heated argument-she called the police -got an intervention order for 12 months. christine rang me after 4months and contray to the order i stupudily went back. Nothing improved-she then denied me sex. i built her a fence which cost me $7000 for her house- and i moved in with her(her house) fights continued -before i left she promised to pay me $5000 for the fence when she sold her house. she sold the house no $5000 payment so i wrote her a letter-about repaying the $5000-in return she got her lawyers to write that she never said she would pay. i got so upset with the whole legal stuff i lost my cool at work and was sacked
    my career was over when i started my new job and they wanted a police report-my report is not clean-i cant work in an industry that i worked for 25years. ironically the day i got sacked i met christine at a cafe and she said i did promise to pay you the $5000. one thing that really stands out is christine s son in law David warned me that christine is evil- david and his wife were separaring so i thought he simply hated his mother in law but now i believe christine wanted to have sex with david . david said to me he was playing with his baby daughter on his bed when christine came in the room and jumped on the bed- david said get off to christine- christine is evil and a nasty piece of work-i pity her next boyfriend

  21. i meant to write one and half years after i broke up with christine i went to a psychologist who explained to me christine is a narcissist -i never knew what a narcissist was before then.

    • You sound like a no one I would care to know. If you knew the woman did not want to see you, then you should have dropped it right there. Spending money building her a fence was manipulative, but it got you in the door! You were both fighting before you moved in, so why did you move in but to fight some more! You took your hissy fit to work and rightfully got canned, now you blame the woman for your behavior and job loss? She probably sold her home to get away from you. And why would she owe you anything for it after she let you move into her home? A business relationship is just that, but sounds like you were having a personal relationship. Now that she has ditched you for good, you slander her? Typical narc! “She got a restraining order against me- and then denied me sex!” Boo-hoo!

  22. Narcs enjoy going on hostile and abusive free association rifts as if they are not at all responsible for what it coming out of their mouths, and as if they are simply engaging in subjective practice, but they do this to slander people, often people they have just met! Some of them are so screwed up in the head that they will act as if they are surprised and alarmed by what they said, and then they stare as if in a state of shocked discovery, as if you were the source of their offensive utterances, and they had the power to pick up the thoughts from your mind. As if the target were the source of the thoughts and the sewage spewing out of their mouths and dripping off of their greasy lips. Or, as if the cosmos were revealing your darkest secrets to them, and of course it is all psychological projection, which they are well aware of!

  23. There are certain environments which attract narcs like flies to sewage. Think of cheap vacation spots where booze and drugs are plentiful.

  24. A narcissist will scream bloody murder and throw a fit when they think that you have done something in error. However, if they discover that they and not you are responsible for what has occurred, they may suddenly become sheepish and giggle over the exact same thing, as if it is suddenly such a small matter as to giggle about, tee hee hee.
    And, if you point out some small thing to a narcissist, not as a criticism but so that they know about some thing or another, which is intended not as criticism but as worthwhile and instructive information, they will turn around and slam you with vilification and begin to tick off a list of your faults. These types are congenitally envious. .Inside of their minds is a voice which screams, “You think you are better than me, I’ll fix you!”

  25. what should i do if he makes bad stories about me. and making up dramas about me and uploaded it in social media. we just got divorce less than a year. we have two children.

      • i know. i tried no contact. ignore. but he kept doing thing that making me upset. like not giving the child support. he was the one who was not following the agreement but he was the one who was angry with me and calling me names.

  26. Was in a toxic relationship like this 3 to 4 years . I can’t count how many times I was dumped , how many times I was at fault, how many times my behavior was blamed . I was never asked how my day was , I had to make advances, just to hold hands and hug. I was beautiful only when he was drunk , but the moment I started standing up for my self and getting angry , I was either broken up with or not talked to. I know he fucked around . Things just started to appear before me , he went on trips alone and he always joked about me , and sometimes it hurt ! I am now going to 2 groups to try to fix my problems so I never ever attract a man like this !!! I spent more time crying and getting upset! never again. They are horrible!!

  27. “Narcissism is rampant in our society.”
    This is a separate topic from malignant narcissistic personality disorder. you weaken your essay by linking the two.

  28. I have read extensively on NPD and other disorders trying to figure out how these people think. My wife and I have dealt with her son’s wife for over 40 years. I could write a book on her conduct over that time,however,I want to discuss traits that are rarely mentioned in articles that I have read. My wife’s DIL is extremely jealous and competitive along with other traits of a malignant narcissist.She has or has attempted to alienate her husband from his family.She accused her husband’s biological father and brother of making a pass at her(she weights around 300 lbs,enough said),she also alienated him from his maternal grandmother. Her number one target has always been my wife,however,since my wife and her son are so close and loving,she had to be careful.She has always told her husband how much she loves his mother but anytime she had a opportunity to be alone with her has been nasty to the point of being vicious. She found out early on that my wife was very naive about dealing with people like her and due to her love for her son would suffer in silence.
    One of her ploys in the past was to come to our home(sometimes unannounced),start a fight,then go home and tell her version,knowing my wife would stay silence,and that her husband would not inguire,since he never wanted to face the truth. About six years ago my wife was told she did not have long to live and she wanted to go visit her son. After I went to bed,the DIL kept my wife up for hours telling her how bad she had been treated by her thorough the years,even bringing up things that never happened(gaslighting),and started in again first thing in the morning before I got out of bed.My wife started crying on the way back home(my wife does not cry easily)and told me that she never wanted to be alone with her DIL again.I was furious and wrote them a truthful letter,of course the last thing the DIL or her husband wanted to hear was the truth,she played the victim,and the enabling husband never brought up details of the letter with his mother. They then started trying to recruit my only brother and his wife as “flying monkeys”.Thank goodness,my brother and I are close enough that it did not work. My wife and I had little contact with the DIL and husband after that. My wife proved the doctors wrong,but placed on in home hospice care at this time. The son and DIL started showing up unannounced( no respect,no boundaries) always with one or two of their grown children.The DIL would put on a show for her kids by cooking,of course she left most of the mess for me to clean up,like I didn’t have enough to do as the primary care giver.When I tried talking to them about it,they both acted like a couple of six year olds. When I tried to talk to the DIL about it she would change the subject and start gaslighting,bringing up things that supposedly happened years ago.I knew that with the stress I was already under if I continued to tolerate the situation it would affect my health,as I am 72 y.o.a. with a history of heart problems. After considering the situation for a few days I decided to not allow the DIL back in my home,not knowing if the son would still visit his mom or not,it was a hard decision.He has continued to visit,but the visits are becoming further apart and shorter. I am sure his wife is playing her psych games with him,at one I would have felt sorry for him. I no longer consider people like our DIL to have mental or personality problems,after 40 years of dealing with her I realize that she has no love or empathy for anyone,the name for this kind of person is evil.Putting a label like NPD,borderline or any other label is letting them off too ease.
    They have 3 adult children,22-28 in age,none have married. Their mother will play this same game with their future spouses. These people are evil because they always make their own “loved ones” make difficult decisions of who to choose.They do not care about the damage they do to their families as long as they feel they are the center of the universe.

  29. Narcissists don’t have a choice and this article is wrong in many ways. They need therapy to help them. They have suffered a trauma. Would you blame somebody with PTSD for being sad? Would you blame a brain-dead person for being lazy? Narcissists feel and hurt and you are the kind of person who hurts them. These people may be dicks sometimes, but it’s not their fault. You have probably not even met a narcissist as well. It’s misdiagnosed by people commonly.
    Please don’t insult an entire group of people for having an involuntary psychological response.

    P.S.: I claimed it to be wrong. I didn’t mean just morally, it is also factually incorrect. Narcissists can have relationships and can love. I don’t know who you are, but you seem hurt. Maybe you blame a narcissist, or maybe you just hate them. But please don’t take it out on narcissists, they are sad people and therapy would help more than describing them as evil.

    • Being hurt or having experienced trauma in ones childhood does not give carte blanche to misuse and/or abuse others. Fact is that we ALL have a choice. Everyone chooses to be who he/she wants to be and a narcissist can chose to the path to healing and self awareness or continue to abuse others.

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