Pity Post by a Crazy Cat Lady

I’m having a moment. Okay, I’ve been having a moment for a few days, but tonight I just feel…blech.  I’ve spent the past two days not doing what I’m supposed to be doing, although I did get my house cleaned, and every piece of laundry washed, dried, folded and/or hung up.  A stray cat has adopted me, but I’ve got him listed on Craigslist because he’s obviously NOT “stray.”  He’s lost.  He’s living on my enclosed front porch with the door propped open so he can go in and out.  I’ve made him a comfy bed out there and he’s got food and water.  My indoor kitties aren’t liking it one bit.  The oldest kitty gets in the window and does the Snoopy Vulture stare at him.  The younger kitty sits by the front door and meows at him.  He meows back.  It’s an entire conversation and golly gosh, I even found myself joining in.

I live alone, I’m 50, I have two cats, I’m feeding a third.  I lead a rather bohemian lifestyle, which means I’m an artist, I do what I want, when I want and I’m not a slave to fashion.  I just discovered a patch of eczema on my forehead and I’ve never had eczema before.  My bathroom wall has water damage from all the rain and my landlord came in to photograph it and upon closer examination, there might be mold behind that there wall.  Black mold.  My toilet blew up and my vacuum cleaner made a loud crunching noise, glared at me and went on strike.  I found out this evening that the manager at a store I frequent knew one of the 9/11 criminals and is constantly being questioned by the FBI.  A friend called with an ear infection, no money, in pain, asking if I have any pain pills.  Um – no.  I don’t.  I told her to go back to the ER and get the doctor to prescribe a stronger antibiotic – he friggin put her on Amoxicillin on October 1.  Today is the 4th and she’s still in pain.  Isn’t that a pretty clear indication that the antibiotic isn’t working?

My neighbor moved out today and I didn’t realize how much I’d got used to the muffled sounds from his apartment.  My downstairs neighbor moved today, as well, so I’m the only one left.  It’s too quiet, and I LIKE quiet.

I found this on the web just now and it resonated with me. Gee, wonder why:

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