A Pattern

Quickie post that I’ll add more to later.  I said in my first post:  “YAY!  Three week break.  But I doubt it.”  I marked 3 weeks on my calendar.  My guess is that this man, who trolls dating sites like rumplestiskin (did I spell that right) under a bridge, will be calling or emailing within a week.  It’s his pattern.

He’s a control freak and since he now believes himself to be in control of the situation, he’ll feel free to “use” his “control” in any way he sees fit and if that means breaking his “rule” of three weeks, he’ll do it.

He already broke his “call me if you need to talk and tell me it’s important” rule (the one that translated to me as:  “I don’t like to have these discussions in email.”

Let’s see how long it takes.  Betting pools are open.

Oh, and I’m not responding until at least 3 weeks are up, maybe more.  I may need 3 months.  I may need NEVER.  What I do know is that this man will never be a romantic partner for me.

Anyway, more about patterns:

Do you have a pattern of “instant relationship?”   I do.  Rather, I DID.  Until about a year ago.  That’s when I decided I wasn’t viewing any man as relationship material until I’d seen him in action for a few months.

Mr. Man here thought I wanted more from him than he could give.  I have no clue why he thought that, EXCEPT…


That when I finally got around to checking the traits I’d seen him against several personality disorders in the DSM, he fit most closely to…

NPD.  Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

So there I went again, all dazzled and not paying as close attention as I should have, to a man who was JUST LIKE the other men in my life.



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